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Furniture Restoration

Antique furnitures enlivens our environment, because of the workmanship involved and the type of raw materials used to make them.

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Custom Furniture Design

You would have your choices when it comes to furniture in your environment. Ideally, you should be able to choose what you want and custom design it for your needs.

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Interior Designing

When you look at interiors – you look at it in combination with your surroundings and themes based on your ideal environment, and not in isolation.

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Exterior Design

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Who We Are

For the last 40 years, Wood and Living has been helping individuals, families and commercial establishments with architecture and design of interior spaces, custom development of furnitures and restoration of existing and antique furnitures.



We have a large team of 10 full-time carpenters and we work with architects from Auroville and other independent architects in Chennai towards coming with holistic designs that blends well with your environment and likes.

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