Antique furnitures enliven our environment, because of the workmanship involved and the type of raw materials used to make them. Why would anyone want to let them go waste? However, with time the furniture gets fairly worn, and might look shabby, dirty, chipped or even damaged.

With our help, your antique furniture can get back that gleam of exquisiteness that was originally there. The amount of work needed on the restoration will be done on a case-to-case basis. It may involve cleanups, physical repairs, replacement of damaged parts, minor cosmetic changes, and polishing that will make the item look like brand new. 

All the procedures that we adopt will be efficient and will be done in a non-invasive manner, maintaining the essence of the furniture piece, as intact as possible. We have had close to 40 years of experience in restoring antiques and we live and breathe sustainability as a core of all our carpentry and engineering. 


You would have your choices when it comes to furniture in your environment. Ideally, you should be able to choose what you want and custom design it for your needs. We at ‘Wood and Living’ believe in the freedom of choice and offer you custom furniture design services that matches your lifestyle, interiors and your choices.

Wood & Living excels in designing, manufacturing, and installing custom wood products for both commercial and residential environment. We offer a blend of architecture, design, and manufacture of things that you specifically need for your environment. 

We have done more than 50000 pieces of custom furniture pieces in the last 40 years of existence. We live and breathe sustainability as a core of all our carpentry and engineering.


When you look at interiors – you look at it in combination with your surroundings and themes based on your ideal environment, and not in isolation. ‘Wood and Living’ does not believe in providing an out-of-the-box one-size fits all approach to design. Instead, we sit with you and understand the kind of themes and patterns that you like and the type of environment that you want to create. 

Our designs are completely architect-driven and custom created to provide you with a home or office that reflects the values that you want to reflect. We have done about 20 projects that includes interior design, landscape design and architecture in the last few years. They have been labelled as sustainable, appropriate, organic, modern and rustic based on the perceptions of the observing individuals. However, always the running theme has been effective usage of materials in a non-invasive manner that is in relation to the environment. 

All our interiors are inspired by the great work that the architects put in at Auroville and we use their expertise in custom designing the space that we build. We have had really happy customers who have been providing us with references.